Certified Hoist Net 1 Tonne Payload 2m x 2m

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Certified Hoist Net 1 Tonne Payload 2m x 2m

These nets are ideal for lifting loads up to 1 Tonne and can also be used as heavy duty load restraining nets. These nets are able to adapt to the shape of the load and are ideal for lifting boxes and other bulky items and can be used on building and construction sites, shipping docks and in warehouses.

The mesh is very strong and provides excellent shock absorption. The nets are woven so the interlocking design does not move, which makes them visually pleasing, easy to use and very precise. Knotless nets also have very low abrasion and are chafe-resistant.

Our nets come with a Certificate of Conformity stating that the whole of supplies detailed have been inspected and, unless otherwise stated, conform in all respects with the requirements of 1 Tonne Payload when new.
The nets must be visually inspected before use and should not be used if there is any evidence of damage.

Please note that the net will lift up to 1 Tonne but there is no safety factor. 
A payload designates the breaking point of the net so is more suitable for lighter load and the capacity should not be reached.


Size 2m x 2m
Colour Blue
Type Knotless
Material High tenacity polypropylene
Mesh 45mm
Twine Diameter 5mm
Payload 1 Tonne
Overlocked with 1100Kg braid and 30Kn nylon border rope
Lifting Loops 150mm loop in each corner

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