Extra Heavy Duty Certified Hoist Net SWL 2T 2m x 2m

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Extra Heavy Duty Certified Hoist Net SWL 2T 2m x 2m

Made with 14mm woven Polypropylene Rope with a 100mm Mesh, this Hoist/Lifting Net is one of the strongest on the market and is certified to a 2 Tonne Safe Working Load (SWL). It is more resistant to abrasion and is more durable than standard Hoist Nets.

This net conforms to IS-11521 Standard (Specification for Cargo Handling Nets) and British Standard BS 6756: 1986 (Specification for fibre rope Cargo Nets).

The border rope is an 18mm Polypropylene Rope and there are two 20cm Corner Loops at each corner. The two Corner Loops are inter-looped with a 215cm Extension Rope and Loop and lifting can be done using either the Corner Loops or the Extension Rope and Loops.

These nets utilize a special splicing technique to join the rope ends and for joining the net to the peripheral rope, making it stronger than a knotted join. This hoist net is suitable for lifting heavy duty loads such as concrete.

Size 2m x 2m
Colour Yellow
Material High tenacity polypropylene rope
Mesh 100mm
Twine Diameter 12mm
Finished With 16mm Polypropylene Border Rope and two 20cm Corner Loops at each corner
Safe Working Load 2 Tonne

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