Archery Net 3m x 3m Green

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Archery Net 3m x 3m Green

Archery target nets, also known as backstop netting, are designed to stop airborne arrows from straying out of the target area. No backstop target net can guarantee to stop all arrows however it is a secondary line of defence when considering range and target safety.

Our archery target net is for use only with lightweight non-competition arrows and would be ideally suited to school and scout groups, amateur events such as fetes or shows and for use within your back garden.

Our Archery target netting is made from close woven high quality polypropylene fitted with eyelets that are situated along the top of the net, the remaining edges are reinforced for added strength. We are able to tailor the size to your requirements; however we would recommend a maximum width of 4 metres. If more than one net is going to be installed, we recommend an overlap of 50cm. For more intensive use, two layers of netting can be installed. The nets should be left slack like a curtain and not placed under tension.


Size 3m x 3m
Colour Green
Material 465gsm Polypropylene Close Mesh
Finished With PVC hem with eyelets every 50cm
Eyelets Eyelets can be added as a custom made option

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