Certified Fall Arrest Safety Net 8m x 15m With Tie Ropes

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Certified Fall Arrest Safety Net 8m x 15m With Tie Ropes

Fall arrest or personnel safety netting is recognised by the UK Health & Safety Executive as their “preferred method of fall arrest when working at height”.

Fall arrest safety nets protect workers on building sites in case of an accident. These nets allow workers to move freely around without the constraints of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). They provide protection for all individuals working in the secured area and provide a soft landing place should any person fall. When used in conjunction with fine mesh netting, these nets are also effective at catching tools or debris.

All our nets have been manufactured to comply with the requirements of BS EN 1263:1 2002 and come with the appropriate certification and EN safety tags.

Every net must be rigged by a competent person and routinely inspected for any damage or rips. The net should be positioned as close to workers as possible and ensuring a maximum fall height of 2m. Once the safety net has been used to arrest a fall, or if any damage is noted, it must be replaced by a new net. Nets also come with test patches which must be sent for a UV degradation test annually. 

If you know the bay size you want to cover, please add 1 m extra to the size for the safety net. e.g if the bay is 6m then the safety net you would require would be 7m long.


Size 8m x 15m
Colour Green
Material High tenacity polypropylene
Mesh 100mm
Twine Diameter 5mm
Finished With Border Rope and 24 Tie Ropes
Conforms to Safety Standard EN-1263-1

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