Elasticated Luggage Net 105cm x 150cm

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Elasticated Luggage Net 105cm x 150cm

Luggage nets are made from elasticated and non-elasticated cargo nets and are designed to attach to the boot tie down hooks in most cars, campervans, emergency vehicles, buses, coaches, trucks, vans and trailers. These nets are also suitable for use in other parts of the vehicle such as roof racks and on shelving.

This multi-purpose net is ideal for securely stowing luggage, bags and other cargo such as children’s toys, shopping, footwear, pet accessories, personal items and lightweight commercial cargo. When used correctly, the net keeps the items contained whilst the vehicle is in transit and keeps the items tidy and easy to access once the vehicle has come to a stop.

Size 105cm x 150cm
Colour Grey
Type Elasticated net
Mesh 50mm diamond
Finished With Red bungee cord threaded through the periphery
Stretch Up to 120cm x 160cm

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