Fence Net Black 1.8m x 50m

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Fence Net Black 1.8m x 50m

Fence nets are wind proof, very durable and are ideal to use on construction sites or at events where privacy or barrier protection is required. They provide shade from the sun and act as a heat deflector.

These are high quality nets which are made from woven HDPE making these nets strong and suitable for use outdoors regardless of the weather. The edge of the net is finished with a selvage hem around the periphery which adds strength and the eyelets at each corner make these nets easy to fit.

This type of netting is adaptable for use in residential, commercial and public sites and can be used for pool areas, construction and demolition sites, outdoor public areas, golf courses, events, landscaping, pet areas and much more.

Size 1.8m x 50m
Colour Black
Material HDPE Knitted Tape
Weight 150 g / M²
Tear Resistance 60 / 60 N
Temperature Resistance -40ºc to +80ºc
Finished Size +/- 2%
Air Permeability 12%
Shade Factor 55%
UV Stability 300 Kly
Eyelet Diameter 12mm

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