StormFix Bungee Hooks 20cm (Pack of 10)

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StormFix Bungee Hooks 20cm (Pack of 10)

StornFix bungee fittings are very strong fittings which have been tested to hold forces up to 100kg. They are an ideal solution for fixing banners or tarpaulins as they allow the material to be tensioned very close to the frame or tube. The StormFix attachment can also be pre-inserted into the eyelet to enable fast mounting of banners.

The result is a very elegant and easy to use solution for fixing banners, tarpaulins, nets on balconies, boundary netting and many other types of fabrics.

Colour Black fitting with bungee
Type Multi Core Bungee with high tenacity PP or PES braiding
Quantity Pack of 10 (Smaller quantities sold upon request)
Fixings Storm Fix attachments at ends of bungee
Length 20cm

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