3mm Galvanised Steel Cable 100m Reel

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3mm Galvanised Steel Cable 100m Reel

Galvanised Steel 7 x7 wire rope is strong and flexible and is suitable for applications where high flexibility is not necessary.

Uses of 3mm 7 x 7 Galvanised Steel Rope include:

• Putting up bird nets
• Putting up nets on warehouse racking
• In the garden to provide support to trees
• In garages
• Automotive controls
• Cable locks

When the wire is used together with bird netting, the netting is attached to the straining wire using hog rings (ideally in every mesh of the net).  This will leave the net taut and square with no gaps for birds to get through.

Material Galvanized Steel
Twine Diameter 3mm
Roll Length 100m

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