High Density Raschel Debris Net 3.4m x 3.3m With Bungee Cord

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High Density Raschel Debris Net 3.4m x 3.3m With Bungee Cord

Debris netting, also known as debris containment netting, is commonly used on scaffolding on construction sites for the protection of personnel, property and the public from failing debris. This helps to protect pedestrians and traffic from falling items as well as increasing site safety by providing a safer work environment. Debris netting can be combined with fall arrest nets or personnel safety nets to provide protection from smaller items and particles.

Our debris netting is made from high quality UV stabilized polyethylene close mesh. The netting is available with fire retardant treatment upon request, which makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The fabric is air permeable and this prevents small particles such as gravel, sand and other small objects from being blown around in the air. It also provides a degree of protection against rain and wind penetration, which protects the workers behind the netting. The netting has reinforced edging for additional strength and has eyelets every 0.5m, and can easily be secured with cabel ties.

These nets are used extensively by local government, councils and waste movement contractors. They are also used in the construction, warehousing and transport sectors. Debris netting can even be installed in gardens, enclosures, farms or allotments to help protect plants or crops.

Debris nets are very versatile and can be used for a variety of applications including:

• Building sites to prevent failing debris
• Skip and container cover netting
• Allotments or in your garden as a simple pest netting solution from birds and insects
• Poultry enclosure when combined with chicken wire
• Creating safe zones for airsoft and paint ball sites

Size 3.4m x 3.3m
Material High Density Polyethylene - Raschel
Finished With Banded edges with eyelets every 50cm and a bungee cord threaded through the periphery
Properties UV Stabilised
Weight 270g/m² close mesh

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