Knotted Bird Net for Gulls 70mm Square Mesh 10m x 5m

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Knotted Bird Net for Gulls 70mm Square Mesh 10m x 5m

Bird netting is one of the most popular, effective and long lasting methods for protecting buildings and other structures from birds by providing a safe and discreet barrier. Bird nets can be installed around buildings, roofs, warehouses, industrial areas, fruit cages and around crops to protect the area from birds. The nets can be used with or without a frame.

Our knotted bird nets are made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) and they do not absorb water and are lightweight, durable, rot proof and UV resistant. With normal use, these nets can last 10 years or more.

This is a strong, very popular and cost effective knotted bird net which can be used as laying pen netting for pheasants and game birds. It can also be used as anti-predator netting for ponds and lakes.

Size 10m x 5m
Colour Black
Material High Density Polyethylene
Mesh Square Shaped approx. 70mm
Properties UV Stabilised
Twine Traditional 10/7 strand knotted

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