Pallet Net 1.8m x 0.67m (B) x 1.82m (H)

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Pallet Net 1.8m x 0.67m (B) x 1.82m (H)

These high quality pallet nets are used in a variety of situations to help secure and contain the load whilst it is in transport or in storage. These nets are suitable for use in various industries including use by manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, cargo transporters, and the warehouse and packaging industry. Pallet nets can be used to prevent unstable products from collapsing on pallets while they are in transit, either on a fork lift truck or on a vehicle.

This pallet net is made from high tenacity polypropylene, which is a strong and durable material. It can be supplied with a bungee cord around the opening upon request for a small additional charge. The nets can also be custom made to suit your specific requirements, and fittings such as ratchets and cam buckles can be added to increase the tension on the net and to help secure it onto the pallet. Other colours are available upon request.

Size 1.8m x 0.67m (Base) x 1.82m (Height)
Colour Black
Type Knotless
Material High Tenacity Polypropylene Net
Mesh 40mm
Twine Diameter 2.3mm

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