Platform Roll Cage Trolley Net 127cm(W) x 60cm(D) x 85cm(H)

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Platform Roll Cage Trolley Net 127cm(W) x 60cm(D) x 85cm(H)

A high quality, heavy duty net which is custom designed to fit within a large platform warehouse roll cage trolley. The net comes complete with fittings and is simple to use. Not only does this type of net help to keep items safe in transit, but more importantly, it also helps keep staff safe on the job. Custom sizes or designs are available, please contact us for further information.

Platform Roll Cage Trolley Net 127cm(W) x 60cm(D) x 85cm(H)

Custom designed to fit within large warehouse roll cage trolleys that measure 127cm wide by 60cm deep. The netting extends 85cm high within the trolley.

The design only incorporates high quality, durable materials that are tried and tested in busy warehouse environments.

There is a 30cm drop panel at the front of the net, which is securely held up by two clips on either side of the roll cage, but it is easy to release for ease of access to the base. Custom sizes and designs are available on request.

Easy to Use and Effective
Simply use the fittings provided to attach the net within the trolley and it will be ready to use immediately with the peace of mind that the net will stay in place without further adjustment.

Not only does the net help protect items from damage if they fall out during transport, but it also keeps staff safe by reducing the trip hazard risk for an item that has fallen out during transport.

Features of the Net

  • Custom made net with streamline design and reinforcement of any potential weak areas
  • All materials are extremely durable, require minimum maintenance, and have excellent feedback from extensive testing within the busiest warehouse environments
  • Following fitting, the front flap is easy to operate via the clips on either side of the roll cage to enable access to the base
  • There are no sharp edges or areas that will snag or interfere with daily use of the roll cage
  • Supplied as a complete package including fittings.

Importantly, this design has minimal bulk but maximum benefit to the goods within the roll cage, as well as the safety of staff. In situations where time is essential, this takes the worry out of transporting items around a warehouse. Please contact us for any custom requirements, and one of our team will be happy to advise.

Size 127cm(W) x 60cm(D) x 85cm(H)
Colour Black
Material Heavy Duty Fine Mesh Net
Finished With Heavy duty elastic bands with plastic hooks
Properties Rot resistant and weatherproof

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