Metal Frame Non-Elasticated Net 36cm x 22cm

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Metal Frame Non-Elasticated Net 36cm x 22cm

Metal framed non-elasticated nets are an ideal solution to provide a simple and effective way to store small items. These framed nets are particularly useful in cars, camper vans, mobile homes, trucks, WUVs, caravans, VW campers, classic cars, kayaks, boats, on shelves, walls or on the inside of cupboard doors. They can be used to store items such as phones, pens, paper, and other small items. Larger nets can be used to store items such as torches, emergency kits, clothing, small boxes and electrical items.

These nets are made with a powder coated black metal frame and they have a black diamond shaped mesh net which is secured with a bungee cord across the top of the net. The nets are supplied with 4 fastening clips to make installation quick and easy. They can be fitted in a variety of locations including on car doors, behind car seats, in car boots or in bulkheads. The net is slightly larger than the frame to allow room for storage.

These non-elasticated framed nets can be custom made to ensure that they fit precisely within the area you have available.

Size 36mm (W) x 22cm (H)
Colour Black
Type Metal frame with non-elasticated net
Fixings 4 Hooks

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