Webbing Lashing Net 1.37m x 1.22m

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Webbing Lashing Net 1.37m x 1.22m

Webbing nets, also known as lashing nets, are multi-purpose, durable and extremely reliable nets which are extensively used within the transport and warehouse sectors for securing loads.

This net is used to add tension to loads and is especially useful when the loads are uneven as it adapts to the shape of the load. It can also be used within closed transport systems and containers as a load restraining net. Additionally, the net can be used in larger vehicles such as 4x4s, SUVs, vans, trailers, trucks or lorries as a partition net.

Webbing lashing nets can be custom made to your requirements and a variety of attachments such as D rings, cambuckles, ratchet straps and other tensioners can be added. Please contact us for further information.

Size 1.37m x 1.22m
Colour Blue
Mesh Approx. 120mm x 120mm
Finished With 4 flat hooks sewn onto the net at each corner and 2 flat hooks sewn into the mesh on one side only. This webbing lashing net also comes with 1m straps (x4) for securing the net
Webbing Width 25mm

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