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Defence Nets

We provide a bespoke service for the design and manufacture of nets for use in Military and Defence applications.

Bespoke products

Nets4You has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing nets for Defence and Military applications. We have completed projects for various uses, including on land, in military vehicles, ships, helicopters, and planes. Some examples of bespoke products we have supplied are:

  • Nets for the interior of aircrafts and vehicles for storage and organisation
  • Load restraining nets for the back of vehicles
  • Load restraining nets for shelving
  • Accessories, such as buckle straps, for load control.

We take a unique approach where we work with the customer to determine the exact requirements and specifications for the product, including any test or certification requirements. For each project, we work through a meticulous process to create a product that is effective, functional, and easy to use.

Custom made

Many of the projects we undertake are confidential or highly sensitive in nature, but some examples of projects we have undertaken include:

  • Specialised frame elastic nets for aircraft, boat, and vehicle interiors
  • Webbing nets for load restraint at the back of vehicles, designed for easy release
  • Load control nets for cargo, containers, and luggage
  • Storage nets for helmets and other items that require easy access
  • Nets for use on military marine vessels
  • Military style nets for the film and theatre industries, to provide realistic props for the set.

The nets we produce for defence and military applications are all custom made, and we are able to work to the customer’s specific requirements and specification. Please contact us for further information or to discuss a specific project in more detail.

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