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Warehouse Racking Nets

A simple and customisable solution to help keep items contained on warehouse racking.

Designed to fit your needs

Netting is a versatile and adaptable solution to use on warehouse racking and other storage systems. When used correctly, it can prevent items falling down the back of the racking, or from falling out of the front side of the racking. This not only helps prevent loss of products and damage, but can also make the area around the racking safer for employees.

This type of netting is especially useful in area where small items are being picked off racking, as it can help segregate items, and keep the items safely contained.

Bespoke products

In addition to warehouse racking netting, we design and manufacture netting solutions for other areas in the warehouse including:

  • Netting for covering warehouse shelves
  • Netting for use under conveyor belts
  • Netting around railings, for example, on mezzanine floors
  • Pallet and load control netting
Custom made

Please contact us to discuss the specific requirements of your specific project, as we are experienced in suggesting the right kind of netting for that application. This can include using elasticated nets, non-elasticated nets, mesh nets, or a combination.

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