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Ball Stop Netting

An effective solution to protect areas from stray balls, or to provide privacy for those playing sports.

Bespoke products

Ball Stop Netting is an extremely popular option for sports clubs, parks, or other public spaces. Additionally, many people use ball stop netting in their gardens at home.

This type of netting can offer some protection around the perimeter of the sporting area and can prevent stray balls from leaving the area. This can help minimise the risk of injury to spectators or the public, or damage to surrounding property caused by stray balls.

The netting is very versatile and can be installed around the perimeter of the sports pitch, around batting cages or training enclosures.

Product notes

It is important to select the correct size mesh for the type of ball that needs to be stopped, the table below provides an initial guide:

SportMesh Size (approx.)
Badminton18mm or 20mm
Cricket20mm or 30mm
Hockey20mm or 30mm
Tennis, Baseball 45mm
Football, Rugby, Basketball, Volleyball100mm

These types of nets can also be combined with fence nets, to provide an element of privacy to the area being protected.

Designed to fit your needs

Nets4You has the experience and expertise in developing bespoke ball stop and perimeter net solutions. Please contact us to discuss the requirements of your specific project.

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