Elasticated Cargo Nets

Excellent for load control of light loads on vehicles, trailers, and boats.

Elastic nets are designed to easily stretch over a load and can be quickly secured in place with either a bungee cord, hooks, or clips. These nets are suitable for uneven or variable loads as the net conforms to the items placed underneath it. Using a net helps items stay in place and minimises damage to items during transit due to movement.

We use high quality elastic in our range of nets, and they have a good degree of stretch and flexibility. Importantly, the nets retain their elasticity very well, even with continued use.

Elasticated nets can be used in cars and in car boots, trailers or skips, trucks or vans, emergency vehicles, buses or coaches, campervans or mobile homes, roof racks or in-cab shelving, boats, many other areas and also for other applications.

There is a selection of ready-made elasticated cargo nets on the website in a range of sizes. Alternatively, please contact us to discuss a bespoke elasticated netting solution.

Elasticated cargo netting can help meet the requirements for securing loads for road transport, and this is a legal requirement in the UK. Securing loads in vehicles is important and it protects the people involved in loading, unloading, and driving the vehicle. In addition, the regulations protect other road users, pedestrians, and also the vehicle and the load itself.

The Department for Transport, the European Commission code of practice, and the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) all have documented guidelines regarding load securing.

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