Storage Nets

Ideal for storing small items, framed storage nets are available with plastic or metal frames, and in ready-made or custom options.

Plastic and metal framed storage nets are a cost effective and simple solution for many storage needs. They can create extra storage areas where space is at a premium. As such, they are ideal for use in cars, vans, trailers, camper vans, mobile homes, trucks, emergency vehicles, coaches, trains and airplanes. Frame nets are also useful in front of shelves or to create compartments in storage boxes or metal pannier cases.

Our plastic frame nets are usually available in ready-made sizes, however, some other sizes may be available on request. Metal frame nets are available in both ready-made and bespoke sizes. We also specialise in metal frame nets in custom shapes. Nets can be custom made to specific requirements, please contact us for more information.

Applications where storage nets can be used include:

  • Car / Lorry / Commercial vehicle doors
  • Car / Lorry / Commercial vehicle doors
  • Car / Lorry / Commercial vehicle sun visor
  • Car foot wells
  • Rear of car seats
  • Car boot tidy for small items
  • Kitchen tidy for small items
  • Wall tidy for pens and pencils
  • In campervans and mobile homes
  • In warehouses and distribution areas to cover shelves
  • Bike or motorcycle pannier partition nets

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