Light Duty Cargo Nets

Ideal for securing light loads, for use on warehouse racking, or to partition spaces.

Light duty cargo nets are multi-purpose nets which are ideal for restraining and containing light loads. These nets are especially used in the transport industry and within warehouses and storage areas.

Cargo nets are commonly used on vehicles such as cars, vans, trucks, trailers, flatbed vehicles, camper vans, mobile homes, and lorries to act as a light load restraint. Light duty cargo netting is also used extensively in warehouses, factories, and other storage areas to cover shelving or racking to prevent products and stock from falling or getting misplaced. The nets can also be used to provide separation for machines or to partition larger spaces.

We stock a wide range of light duty knotless and knotted cargo nets made from either high tenacity polypropylene or polyethylene. The nets have varying mesh sizes and diameters to suit different requirements and are UV stabilised. The cargo nets are finished with a reinforced edge, or a border, and are available with or without a bungee cord. For load securing applications, the net should cover the load from the front, back, and sides to ensure there is adequate protection. Nets are available in standard sizes, or they can be custom made to your requirements.

Drivers have a duty under the provisions introduced into the Road Traffic Act 1988 by the Road Traffic Act 1991 to secure all loads on their vehicles and to avoid physical injury and damage to people and property during transport operations. As advised in the Department of Transport Code of Practice document on Safety of Loads on Vehicles (3rd Edition, 2002), it is a legal requirement that all loads carried on vehicles are secured, no matter the length of the journey. This protects people involved in loading, unloading, and driving the vehicle, as well as other road users and pedestrians.

The minimum requirement is that the load restraint system must be sufficient to withstand a force not less than the total weight of the load forward, and half of the weight of the load backwards and sideways. A correctly selected and fitted cargo net can help to provide compliance with these regulations.

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