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Boat Nets

Ideal to create storage space or for load control on all types of boats, from small to large.

Bespoke products

Netting can be utilised in a variety of applications on boats, as it can help create valuable storage areas where space is at a premium. We have designed and manufactured nets for a range of uses on boats to provide:

  • Storage spaces within the interior of boats, yachts, and other marine vessels
  • Storage areas on the outside of kayaks
  • High-end storage for yachts and other luxury boats
  • Netting for use on the deck of the boat or around the railings

We supply a range of customers, from individuals to nets for use on military ships and watercrafts.

Designed to fit your needs

There are a variety of materials that can be used to manufacture these nets including:

  • Elasticated nets
  • Frame nets
  • Safety and barrier nets

Materials and required fittings are specially selected based on the application, the area of the boat they will be used in, and the properties that are required for use in saline environments.

Custom made

Please contact us to discuss the specific requirements of your specific project. Whether the project is small or large, our dedicated team will work to find the best solution for you and to produce a product which is high quality, long lasting and user friendly.

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