Bird Control Nets

A simple and effective solution for keeping birds away from crops and buildings.

Bird netting is one of the most popular, effective, and long lasting methods for protecting buildings and other structures from birds.

When installed correctly, it can provide a safe and discreet barrier to keep birds out. Bird nets can be installed around buildings, roofs, warehouses, industrial areas, fruit cages, and around crops to protect the area from birds.

It is important to select the right type of net depending on the intended use and the bird species which requires exclusion, as well as the correct fittings, to ensure the nets provide adequate protection.

The table below provides a guide to selecting the correct mesh size depending on the species of bird that requires exclusion:

Mesh TypeApprox. Mesh SizeSuggested Use
Knotless net20mm diamondIdeal for protecting crops against many types of birds and rodents
Knotted net19 mm (¾”)Can be used to cover fruit cages, to keep leaves or small birds out of ponds, or as game netting for small game birds
Knotted net28 mm (1 ⅛”)Size is useful to protect against Partridge and Starlings
Knotted net38 mm (1 ½”)Commonly used as roof netting for Game Bird and Poultry pens
Knotted net50 mm (2″)Widely used as Laying Pen Netting. It can also be used to keep Pigeons away from buildings and vegetable plots
Knotted net100mm (4″)Can be used as anti-predator netting, for keeping larger birds such as herons or cormorants away

We stock knotless and knotted nets. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements in more detail.

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