Bird Net for Gulls 70mm Knotted Mesh 5m x 5m

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SKU: BN291

Heavy duty knotted polyethylene anti-bird net with a 70mm mesh which is ideal for protection against gulls and other large birds. These durable and versatile nets have many applications, both domestic and industrial, and can help to protect buildings, construction sites, roofs, or crops from birds.


This 5m x 5m heavy duty anti-bird netting is ideal for protection against large birds, such as gulls. It is suitable for use in a range of commercial applications, including on roofs, or on construction or industrial sites.

This net is also suitable for domestic use, for example, in gardens. Netting is an excellent way to safely exclude birds from areas. It also protects spaces from the damage associated with nesting and bird infestation.

Made from knotted polyethylene with a 70mm mesh, the netting is lightweight yet strong and long-lasting. This allows the netting to blend into its surroundings, providing protection without being too obvious. It is UV stabilised, rot proof and weatherproof, therefore maintaining its quality for many years of outdoor use without degradation.

Weight 2 kg

5m x 5m





Net Type

Knotted net


Approx. 70mm


Rot resistant and weatherproof


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