Military Grade UV Protected Black Sandbags – Quantity 70

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SKU: NX330

70 heavy duty 74cm x 37cm black sandbags that are UV stable.

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This is a pack of 100 high quality, heavy duty sand bags, size 74cm x 37cm. The bags are black with white stitching and they are UV stable and ideal for use outdoors.

Sandbags are useful in emergency situations to divert moving water away from entrances to buildings such as doorways and drains. They can also be useful for weighing down manhole covers.

Whilst sandbags are a temporary solution, they are effective at keeping water away for short periods of time, and they can be used with plastic sheeting to provide additional protection. Additionally, sandbags can also filter out some of the dirt and mud sediment that is present in flood water.

This is a special offer price for a job lot of 70 sandbags.

Weight 7.2 kg

74cm x 37cm




UV Stabilised


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