Hoist and Lifting Nets

Certified hoist and lifting nets in a range of sizes and specifications, ideal for construction and industrial applications.

Our Lifting and Hoist nets (including cargo box hoist nets) are ideal for use on building and construction sites, shipping docks, and in warehouses as they are strong and hardwearing.

They are generally used to load and unload cargo using a lifting method that draws the corners of the net around its load. The net is gathered to a point whilst being lifted and therefore this provides a secure and balanced lifting mechanism for the cargo.

The nets adapt to the shape of the load, and therefore can be used with uneven or bulky loads. This ensures damage to any cargo is minimised and contained within the net and provides an element of personnel protection. The netting must be used by a competent person.

The nets are available as a flat net, or as a box net, and comes with a border rope with four eyes. All nets are supplied with a Certificate of Conformity. Depending on the construction of the net, it will conform to one of the following standards:

  • BS 6756: 1986 (Specification for Fibre Rope Cargo Nets)
  • IS-11521 Standard (Specification for Cargo Handling Nets)

Although the nets are high quality and durable, they should be visually inspected before use, and should not be used if there is evidence of damage.

Please contact us for more information about our extensive range of stock and bespoke hoist nets for lifting and securing equipment.

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