Load Control Nets

A specially developed range of products to help secure items during transport, on pallets, in warehouses, and in other applications.

Load control nets, also known as load securing or load restraint nets, are durable and extremely reliable nets ideally suited and extensively used within the transport, industrial and construction sectors for securing loads. They are especially useful in situations where the loads are uneven or bulky.

Nets can be used on pallets, on stationary loads in warehouses and also can be used within closed transport systems and containers as a load restraint. Many warehouses also use these nets to cover roll cages or trolleys to keep items contained during transit.

There are many areas where these nets can be used including:

  • Construction industry – to restrain materials and other items on site or whilst in transit
  • Transport industry – as a partition net or load restraint net in trucks, lorries, skips, trailers and vans
  • In warehouses to cover pallet loads and other goods or on shelving or racking
  • On roll cages in supermarkets or warehouses to prevent goods from falling out during transport
  • Any application where uneven or bulky loads need to be restrained

We stock a range of polypropylene or polyester nets ranging from lightweight to heavy duty netting. Our range of webbing, mesh, or cargo nets are available in various sizes, mesh dimensions, and densities depending on your requirements. Ratchet straps, cambuckles, hooks, and other tensioning systems can be added so the nets can be easily and securely fastened.

Drivers have a duty under the provisions introduced into the Road Traffic Act 1988 by the Road Traffic Act 1991 to secure all loads on their vehicles and to avoid physical injury and damage to people and property during transport operations. As advised in the Department of Transport Code of Practice document on Safety of Loads on Vehicles (3rd Edition, 2002), it is a legal requirement that all loads carried on vehicles are secured, no matter the length of the journey. This protects people involved in loading, unloading, and driving the vehicle, as well as other road users and pedestrians.

The minimum requirement is that the load restraint system must be sufficient to withstand a force not less than the total weight of the load forward, and half of the weight of the load backwards and sideways. A correctly selected and fitted load control net can help to provide compliance with these regulations.

DVSA Compliance

Our load control nets are also ideal for transporting items to comply with load securing regulations from the DVSA - Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (formely VOSA Vehicle and Operator Services Agency).

Effective load security can help to stop goods from falling onto roads, which poses a danger to all road users. It also saves time and money by helping to make sure that goods arrive at their destination undamaged.

More information about DVSA load securing vehicle operator guidance is available at : https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/load-securing-vehicle-operator-guidance/load-securing-vehicle-operator-guidance

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