Roll Cage / Trolley Nets

Specially designed nets to keep items safely contained in a range of roll cage trolleys.

Roll Cage nets are an effective solution to provide covers for roll cages, roll containers, and trolleys in warehouses and storage areas.

Other industries which would utilise these types of nets include:

  • Food distribution services
  • Supermarkets
  • Automotive
  • Hotel and Leisure industries to cover laundry cages
  • Hospitals and health services
  • Retail
  • Distribution warehouses

Roll Cage Trolley nets provide a barrier around the opening of the cage and prevent items from falling out during transport around a warehouse or in a vehicle. There is also a health and safety element, as items that have fallen out can be a trip hazard to the operator, other employees, or may interfere with other machinery used in the warehouse.

Roll Cage Trolley nets can be fully custom made, with or without fittings, to suit your requirements and the shape of the roll cage or trolley.

The nets are made from a variety of high quality including high tenacity polypropylene, dipped mesh, or elasticated netting, to name a few materials. The nets are designed to fit on the roll cage can be stretched to surround the opening of the roll cage and secured around the sides with clips. They are designed to be user friendly, easy to install, durable, and hardwearing for continuous use.

Roll cage nets can be custom made, with or without fittings, to suit your requirements.

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