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Emergency Vehicle Nets

Bespoke nets specially designed for the emergeny services, including ambulances, fire engines, and police vehicles.


We are experts in the design and manufacture of netting specifically Ambulances, Fire Engines, Police Cars, Helicopters, Motorcycles, and other Emergency Response Vehicles.

Netting and related products can be very effective:

  • For creating safe and easily accessible storage space for helmets, and other small items
  • To act as a blind or a partition curtain within vehicles
  • To segregate clean and dirty compartments within the vehicle
  • For load restraint in front of cabinets or other open spaces.
Bespoke products

We work closely with our customers to create a product that is effective, practical, and well suited to individual requirements. For example, we have developed:

  • Products to safely store fire helmets with ease of access
  • Load restraint for air canisters to prevent movement during transport
  • Nets to create extra storage space in vehicles, such as frame nets.

These nets are created with high quality and durable materials that can withstand rough use in rushed or time critical situations.

Designed to fit your needs

Nets4You has the experience and expertise in developing bespoke products designed for use in emergency service vehicles.

Please contact us to discuss the specific requirements of your specific project. Whether the project is small or large, our dedicated team will work to find the best solution for you and to produce a product which is high quality, long lasting and user friendly.

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