Pallet Nets

Pallet cover nets to help identify pallets and stock in busy warehouses. Bespoke options to help secure loads are also available.

Pallet nets provide a flexible and adaptable solution, that can be adapted to those with irregular or uneven loads. The nets can be designed to be tensioned to cover the products on the pallet and provide some stability to the load. The netting also allows for even ventilation as the mesh allows for a degree of airflow.

Our nets are made from high tenacity polypropylene mesh, fine mesh or webbing. They are available in a range of colours and sizes, to fit either Euro or Standard pallets. The nets can also be custom made to suit your specific requirements, and fittings such as ratchets and cam buckles can be added to increase the tension on the net and to help secure it onto the pallet. The nets are also available in different colours, which can be used to help separate different types of products in warehouses to aid identification of goods.

These high quality pallet nets are used in a variety of situations and are suitable for use in various industries including use by manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, cargo transporters, and the warehouse and packaging industry.

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