Elasticated Cargo Net 35cm x 55cm

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A black elastic cargo net in unstretched size of 35cm x 55cm (with approximately 50% stretch) complete with a bungee cord and 4 plastic clips to secure the net in place. This is a durable and high quality elastic net, and the size makes it ideal for use as a luggage net in the boot of a car. This is the smaller of the two sizes available.


A hard wearing black elasticated cargo net with a bungee cord around the border with an unstretched size of 35cm x 55cm with approximately 50% stretch.  Additionally, the net comes with 4 plastic hooks to fasten to securing points, for example, within a car boot. This ensures that the net fits snugly and securely around the load, even if it is uneven.

This versatile net is ideal for use:

  • In cars, trucks, or vans
  • Within emergency vehicles, buses, or coaches
  • In campervans or mobile homes
  • Within roof racks or in-cab shelving
  • In many other areas and also for other applications.

This is a multi-purpose net that is suitable as a stowage net for luggage, bags, toys, shopping, footwear, pet accessories, personal items and lightweight commercial cargo. The images also show this type of net in use by one of our customers on their boat.

When used correctly, the net keeps the items contained whilst the vehicle is in transit and keeps the items tidy and easy to access once the vehicle has come to a stop. The elastic is high quality and hard wearing so you can use the nets repeatedly.

This net is also available in a larger unstretched size: 40cm x 80cm (Product Code: L012). Elasticated nets are also available in bespoke/custom sizes, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Weight 0.3 kg

35cm x 55cm


Approx. 50%



Net Type

Elasticated net


Approx. 20mm diamond

Finished With

Bungee cord threaded around the periphery


4 x plastic hooks


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