Load Control / Retention or Partition Net 3m x 1.25m

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A 3m x 1.25m blue knotted net with 250mm mesh which can be used as a Load Control, Load Retention, or a Partition Net.

The net has 14mm Polypropylene rope and has a soft eye at each corner and in the midpoint of each side. There is 50mm wide 2m long webbing attached through the soft eye at each corner. The net also comes with 4 x 50mm ratchets with a claw hook attached with webbing on one end. This allows the net to be easily secured and tightened as required.

Please note that this net is on special offer and there is only 1 available in this size.

Weight 10 kg

3m x 1.25m



Net Type

Knotted net


Approx 250mm

Twine Diameter

Approx. 14mm

Finished With

Soft eyes at each corner and in the middle of each side (total 8 soft eyes)


4 x 50mm ratchets and 4 x 2m long 50mm width webbing attached to each corner


Ratchets have a claw hook attached with short webbing

Breaking Strength

Rope MBL 2.4T (not certified)


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