Emergency Services Net Project

Bespoke products

We are pleased to be a regular supplier of netting products to various Emergency Services in the UK. One branch of the Fire Service approached us to develop a simple, fast, and effective storage solution for helmets in their trucks. The firefighters needed to store their helmets securely while the vehicle was in transit, and then quickly grab the helmet as they were leaving the truck. The solution needed to be seamless so that no time was wasted once they reached the destination.

Nets4You developed an elasticated net with the ideal size and tension to both hold the helmet in place and allow easy access to it when required. This image shows one of the nets in use in the vehicle:

Helmet storage

Other designs have been developed through our years of engagement with different Emergency Services and the following is an example of a different type of helmet storage net on the roof of the fire truck:

Load restraint

We are able to custom make these nets to specific requirements and can also provide nets for use in other areas of the vehicle, such as the sides and doors for storage and also load restraint nets:

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