Extra Heavy Duty Certified Hoist Net SWL 11T 7m x 7m

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Extra Heavy Duty Certified Hoist Net SWL 11T 7m x 7m

Made with 20mm woven Polypropylene Rope with a 200mm Mesh, this Hoist/Lifting Net is one of the strongest on the market and is certified to a 5 Tonne Safe Working Load (SWL). It is more resistant to abrasion and is more durable than standard Hoist Nets.

This net conforms to IS-11521 Standard (Specification for Cargo Handling Nets) and British Standard BS 6756: 1986 (Specification for fibre rope Cargo Nets).

The border rope is an 24mm Polypropylene Rope and there are two x  20cm Corner Lifting  Loops at each corner.

These nets utilize a special splicing technique to join the rope ends and for joining the net to the peripheral rope, making it stronger than a knotted join. This hoist net is suitable for lifting heavy duty loads such as concrete.

Size 7m x 7m
Colour White
Mesh 200mm
Twine Diameter 20mm
Finished With 24mm Polypropylene Border rope and two x 20 cm Corner Lifting Loops at each corner
Safe Working Load 11 Tonne
Breaking Strength 24mm Border Rope is Breaking Strength 8160 KGF 20mm Body Rope is Breaking Strength 5712 KGF

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