Heavy Duty Elasticated Hooked Loop 25cm (Pack of 10)

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Heavy Duty Elasticated Hooked Loop 25cm (Pack of 10)

Bungee hooks are very popular fittings which are easy to use and very versatile. These hooks are made from a strong bungee cord with metal hooks on both ends. They are used in the transport industry, in warehouses, by local authorities, waste movement contractors, at home for DIY tasks and much more.

There are a wide range of uses for bungee hooks including:

• In cars, trucks, motorbikes, caravans, camper vans, mobile homes and on bicycles
• Securing light loads
• In workshops
• Securing tarpaulins
• Securing covers for trailers, vehicles and boats
• Securing tents or marquee sides
• When camping
• Securing luggage and suitcases
• In areas where constant tension or a firm hold is required
• During transportation and storage
• Securing banners and publicity streamers

Size 25cm
Colour Black
Type Tough Woven Outer Sheath Covering a Mono Filament Elasticated Bungee Core
Quantity Pack of 10 (Smaller quantities sold upon request)
Fixings One hook at the end of the loop

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