Load Control Net with Webbing 2.7m x 2.4m

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Load Control Net with Webbing 2.7m x 2.4m

Load Control Cargo Net with Webbing 2.7m x 2.4m

Ideal for securing large, unstable and non-uniform loads on pallets and vehicles, for example, gas drums, drink kegs, or boxes of drink bottles.

Extra Heavy Duty Cargo nets with mesh size approximately 100mm, with reinforced edging. Heavy duty webbing is added around the periphery and through the middle of the net to ensure the durability of this high quality product. There are 3 standard size nets available, with this being the middle size, but these nets can be fully customised and made to measure. 

The nets can also be used on pallets, on stationary loads in warehouses and also can be used within closed transport systems and containers as a load restraint. They can be used independently or in conjunction with a load control system in larger vehicles such as curtainside lorries and trucks.

Securing loads for road transport is a legal requirement in the UK as detailed in guidance from the Department for Transport (DfT), the European Commission (EC) code of practice, and the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). When used correctly and appropriately, these nets can help meet these requirements and protect employees, members of the public, and the products being transported. 

Size 2.7m x 2.4m
Colour Black Net with Blue Webbing
Material High Tenacity Polypropylene and Heavy Duty Webbing
Mesh Approx. 100mm
Twine Diameter Approx. 5mm
Finished With Reinforced Edge and Webbing around the periphery and through the middle of the net
Properties UV Stabilised

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