Extruded Windbreak Net 1m x 30m

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Extruded Windbreak Net 1m x 30m

Extruded Windbreak Netting is a very useful solution to control the effect that windy and stormy weather has on your garden, farm crops, plants and vegetables. The nets are compatible for use with metal frames, polytunnels, cages as well as homemade structures. When windbreak netting is in place, it slows down evaporation enabling more efficient use of water. Other benefits may include the prevention of soil erosion, prevention of wind –borne diseases, increased efficiency of sprays and it may assist in keeping the humidity controlled when combating the effect of harsh overnight frosts. In the protection of crops, windbreak netting is a key part of ensuring your harvest is full and extensive. These nets are also excellent for use as a pond cover or a sandpit cover.

Extruded mesh nets are heavier and stiffer than knitted ones and may be supported by timber posts, plastic or metal fencing pins. This windbreak net also provides 60% shade, which can help to increase the privacy levels when the net is in place. The net is permeable, which allows air and water to circulate, and has the added benefit of being chemical and rot resistant. This net is ideal for a low cost, short term windbreak solutions and it is easily installed by using net clips, cable ties or cords. It can also be used as a shade net.

Size 1m x 30m
Colour Green
Material Heavy Duty Plastic
Mesh 15mm x 5mm
Weight 10Kgs

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