Flame Retardent Privacy Net or Stage Net 2.57m x 50m

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Flame Retardent Privacy Net or Stage Net 2.57m x 50m

This is a multi-purpose net which can be used to provide shade and privacy both indoors and outdoors.

The net can be used as a privacy net as it provides 91% shade, which means that when the net is installed, it provides a barrier through which the view is obscured. The nets are UV stabilised and water resistant, which makes them suitable for outdoor use. Privacy nets can be installed as backdrops to provide protection from wind, or overhead to act as a shade screen from the sun. This makes them ideal for use in residential, commercial or public sites such as pool areas, gardens, construction and demolition sites, outdoor public areas, golf courses, outdoor events, landscaping, fencing, pet areas and much more.

As this net is fire retardant, it is suitable for use indoors as a stage net. This can provide a screen along the sides of a stage or elsewhere in a theatre where the view needs to be obscured.

This net is made from high density polypropylene and is finished with a reinforced edge for extra strength. Privacy or stage netting can be easily installed with net clips, cable ties or cords.

Size 2.57m x 50m
Colour Black
Material HDPE Knitted Tape
Finished With Reinforced Edging
Properties UV Stabilised and Fire Retardant
Weight 150g / square metre
Finished Size +/- 2%
Shade Factor 91% Shade
Tensile Strength 450N / 5cm

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