85% Shade Fence Net 1.83m x 50m

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Multipurpose woven HDPE Fence, Shade, or Windbreak netting with a shade factor of 85%. Available in black or green.


A versatile, multipurpose net for use as a Fence Net, Shade Net, Windbreak Net or a Shade Cover. This netting provides a privacy sight reduction opacity of 85% to obscure the view through the net. Available in black or green.

Features of 85% Fence/Shade Netting:
  • Made from woven High Density Polyethylene flat tape thread
  • Tear resistant technology
  • Durable, rot proof, weatherproof and UV treated
  • Button hole eyelets at 5cm intervals for easy installation
  • Life expectancy is 8-10 years with correct use.

The weave of the net allows for it to be used as a screen to either block unsightly views, or to provide privacy for areas such as outdoor concerts, events, or sports areas. With overhead installation, they can also provide shade from the sun.

This makes them ideal for use:
  • In residential, commercial or public sites such as pool areas or gardens
  • On construction and demolition sites
  • Around outdoor public areas
  • For golf courses or sports fields
  • At outdoor events
  • With landscaping
  • As fencing
  • For pet areas
  • And much more.

As a Windbreak net, this netting will substantially reduce the impact of high wind speeds and therefore will help to protect all types of crops from wind, water loss, soil erosion, wind-borne diseases and heat loss. For polytunnels, the netting can act as a shade cover to help regulate the temperature and provide a longer growing season.

Artificial nets have an advantage over natural windbreaks as they don’t compete with crops for water or nutrients. They are air permeable and will allow air and water to circulate around the crops. Using windbreak nets can even help control humidity levels and combat the effect of harsh overnight frosts.

This net is compatible for use with metal frames, timber posts, plastic or metal fencing pins, or polytunnels. It is easy to handle and install using clips, cable ties or cords.

Other areas or applications where this net can be used include:
  • Privacy Screens
  • Play areas
  • Lounging space
  • Chicken runs
  • Polytunnels
  • Greenhouses and nurseries
  • Site and stage screening
  • Recycling sites
  • Transfer stations
  • Rubbish Collection Points

This net is also available in a more opaque shade of 95% – please contact us for further information.

Weight N/A

1.83m x 50m


Green, Black


Woven HDPE flat tape


Durable, rot proof, weatherproof and UV treated

Shade Factor



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