Extruded Windbreak Net 1m x 30m

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Heavy Duty extruded HDPE windbreak netting that will reduce wind speed by approx. 50%. This netting provides protection for all types of crops.

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Extruded Windbreak Netting is a very useful solution to control the effects of windy or stormy weather on plants or crops. The net is suitable for use with all types of crops, from use within home gardens, to container grown nursery crops to field crops.

This windbreak netting reduces wind speeds by approx. 55% which is the most efficient level of protection and will offer more protection over a longer distance.

Features of the Extruded Windbreak Netting:
  • Made from High Density Polyethylene
  • Heavy duty cladding-type windbreak with reinforced strands for extra strength
  • Reduces water loss, soil erosion, wind-borne diseases and heat loss
  • Durable, rot proof, weatherproof and UV treated
  • Life expectancy is 6-8 years with correct use.

Artificial nets have an advantage over natural windbreaks as they don’t compete with crops for water or nutrients. They are air permeable and will allow air and water to circulate around the crops. Using windbreak nets can even help control humidity levels and combat the effect of harsh overnight frosts.

When installing the netting:
  • Ensure that the windbreak is placed facing the main direction of the wind
  • Avoid gaps in the netting
  • Try to allow the net to reach the ground to prevent areas where local acceleration of the wind can occur.

Extruded mesh nets are heavier and stiffer than knitted ones as they are made from a cladding-type material with reinforced strands to make them stronger. The nets are compatible for use with metal frames, timber posts, plastic or metal fencing pins, or polytunnels. They are easy to handle and install using clips, cable ties or cords.

The nets are versatile and adaptable and have a range of uses including:

  • 60% Shade net or privacy net
  • Pond or sandpit covers
  • Temporary fencing
  • Dust control
  • Polytunnel side vents.

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Weight 9 kg

1m x 30m




Extruded HDPE – 300 GSM Heavy Duty cladding-type material with reinforced strands


15mm x 5mm


Designed to reduce wind speed by approx. 55%


Durable, rot proof, weatherproof and UV treated


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