Extra Heavy Duty Cargo Net 23m x 0.75m 60mm Mesh Blue

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4 off 23m x 0.75m Blue Extra Heavy Duty Cargo Nets with reinforced edging and tie ropes. These high tenacity knotless polypropylene nets have a mesh of approximately 60mm and approximately 5mm twine diameter. Additionally, the netting is UV stable, and has reinforced edging, which makes it ideal for heavy outdoor use. Please contact us for bespoke sizes or requirements.

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This is a special offer for 4 off 23m x 0.75m Extra Heavy-Duty Cargo Nets, with tie ropes every 50cm. These nets are ideal for use in construction, farming, transportation, warehousing, waste management industries.

Made with knotless high tenacity polypropylene with a 60mm mesh and a 5mm twine diameter, this is one of the strongest cargo nets we offer. Additionally, the edges of the net are reinforced for a clean finish and extra strength. This cargo net is UV stable, and therefore the quality won’t diminish under the sun’s rays. Intended for high-impact, heavy-duty use, this net is very adaptable, and will mould to the shape any object that may be contained within them.

Why Choose Our Extra Heavy Duty Cargo Nets?
  • High-quality construction for the most durable finish
  • Incredibly versatile for industrial applications
  • Weatherproof in both the sun and rain.
Where can I use an Extra Heavy Duty Cargo Net?
  • A load control solution for items such as boxes, bricks, crates or pallets
  • To create a sports perimeter boundary
  • To cover skips, containers, or tippers
  • As netting on catamarans or boats.

If you can’t see the size, shape or colour you require in our online selection, please give us a call. We are able to provide a variety of bespoke options that may better suit your needs.

This is a special offer item for 4 nets, sold as a job lot, and this offer will not be repeated.

Weight 25 kg

23m x 0.75m



Net Type

Knotless net


High Tenacity Polypropylene


Approx 60mm

Twine Diameter

Approx. 5mm

Finished With

Reinforced edging and Ties every 50cm


UV Stabilised and Weatherproof


4 nets


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