Load Control Net 1.52m x 0.73m

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Load Control Net 1.52m x 0.73m

Load control nets, also known as load restraint nets are durable and extremely reliable nets ideally suited and extensively used within the transport, industrial and construction sectors for securing loads. They are especially useful in situations where the loads are uneven or bulky.

The nets can be used on pallets, on stationary loads in warehouses and also can be used within closed transport systems and containers as a load restraint. Many warehouses also use these nets to cover roll cages or trolleys to keep items contained during transit.

There are many areas where these nets can be used including:

• Construction industry – to restrain materials and other items on site or whilst in transit
• Transport industry – as a partition net or load restraint net in trucks, lorries, skips, trailers and vans
• In warehouses to cover pallet loads and other goods or on shelving or racking
• On roll cages in supermarkets or warehouses to prevent goods from falling out during transport 
• Any application where uneven or bulky loads need to be restrained

This polyester net comes complete with polyester webbing around the border and with claw hook end fittings and cambuckle tensioners.

Nets can be custom made to your specific requirements and can be adapted to suit loads of various shapes and sizes. Please contact us for further information. Please see extra images for the Green net in use and different combinations of sizes and shapes.

Size 1.52m x 0.73m
Colour Blue
Material Polyester webbing and mesh
Weight 450g/SQm
Webbing 4.0 Tonne breaking strength (when new)
Claw Hook End Fitting 1.0 Tonne breaking strength (when new)
Cambuckle Tensioner 1.2 Tonne breaking strength (when new)
Netting 2750 Newtons per 50mm on warp; 2550 Newtons per 50mm on weft

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